access 2010 bound image control

Then dragging that image in the OLE field and that works well.
Thanks Patricia Clark on 4/23/2013: Is Format Painter available in Access 2007?Reply from Richard Rost: I've done iti fitter theory books pdf it a million times in my databases, but I'd have to see a copy of your database to tell you why it's not working for you.Have tried several bmp files; made sure that default program to open bmp files was MS Paint; ensured that in the properties, Display type is Content (not icon).Access 2010 Beginner Level 6, including a course outline, sample videos, and more.Since our combo box displays first the ShipperID and next the CompanyName, we set this property to 1 (the position of ShipperID in our result set).The form will print but the picture remains small showing the picture file name.Reply from Alex Hedley: Yep just highlight in design mode and copy and paste Christy Osterkamp on 2/20/2015: If I am not jumping ahead, can you tell me why I just added more lines to the table, but they do not appear on the corresponding.You may have some other application install that's trying to "handle" BMP files which is causing problems in Access.The Imagaing Seminar goes into a lot more detail which could be of use.Reply from Richard Rost: Access itself doesn't handle displaying images.However, if I say, create a new bmp file; then MS word opens; if I have paste from any other image file (jpg or bmp) into my NEW bmp file, then it works!
Any suggestions Reply from Alex Hedley: Check the names of the Fields haven't been changed in error Bernardo Ito on 3/8/2016: Hi Richard, My question is regarding the way Access displays the information.
I have pulled the photo from my desktop as I followed along on the (jpg bmp)eated the whole nine yards following along and still the triangle appears in the box instead of a photo.If you create the picture frame by using the "image" tool on the Design tab (just to the left of the "Insert Image" tool and to the right of the bound object frame)then the picture displays fine.I would greatly appreciate any adivce you can give.Reply from Richard Rost: Ideally, you would want 2 different tables here.I am using Windows.1 and Office 365, the anual subscription office.