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You do not need these updates if you have recently downloaded the game, the full new girl season 1 episode 5 game installs are always updated to include any updates we make.
A sound of dragging feet?
Removed ModelEditor error message when an animation has step events with nds emulator for window 8 no value specified.Ent - bone_pile_human2.ent.2 Justine -Added the expansion "Justine".Level06 -Implemented a simple fix for incorrect chemical jar.A game about immersion, discovery and living through a nightmare.Fixed being able to rebind the lean buttons.1.3 - Compatibility improvements with modern OS releases.UI -Show icons when no cross active.
Fixed typo.
Crash issue when loading cetain levels.Added script function (SetPlayerJumpForceMul) for setting a jump force multiplier.Level27 -Moved the slime that could potentially block the door by mistake.In the passage with stabs, possible to look under floor.Added script function (PlaceEntityAtEntity) for placing an entity at another entity.Added script function (GetEnemyStateName) for getting an enemy's state as a string.