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It's All About Me : When he's cornered by the Assassins near the end of the Co-Op trailer, one of the targets, Marquis de Buillon, actually tries to plead for his life by saying "They're only peasants!" Cue Destination Defenestration.
Shaun takes every opportunity to snark about this he can.
However, it also has Napoleon criticizing "bloody revolutionaries" and opposing the excesses of the time, while the Side Missions shows some of the Jacobins (such as Saint-Just in a letter) trying to sabotage his career.Celá zem je trhána na kusy.A major and grotesque simplification is the sans-cullotes (referred to in-game as "extremists who are presented as hired agents of Templars and willing enforcers of Jacobins with Jean-Paul Marat as their mob boss, being little better than Mooks.When Vichy France took over, they put a giant V that we see there.In the historical record, Napoleon was a Jacobin at the time of the RevolutionHistory He loyally sided with the beleaguered Republican against Corsican separatist and royalist Paoli, who chased him and his family out of the island (and sent people to burn and loot his house).Subverted in that this doesn't go much further than not refusing a (rather large) tankard that de Sade buys him.Given the immense graphical upgrade on offer, this isn't so surprising, but what comes as a bit of a shock is that the Xbox One version frequently out-performs the PS4 game in more detail-rich areas, such as locations littered with NPCs in the packed Parisian.Internal Retcon : Abstergo supplies the database entries for Helix, usually leaving out any mention of their activites, and utterly erasing any member of their order who falls out of favour.
Inevitable Tournament : The Brotherhood Co-Op Mission "The Tournament" is about foiling an attempted military coup by the fictional General Marcourt.
Accent Adaptation : The developers deemed serato dj serial key it unnecessary to voice the various characters depicted in the game with French accents, as they felt that the player would be fully aware that the characters are French due to the game's setting.
History David did visit Marat the day before his assassination and did visit the scene of the crime but Marat's body was obviously moved away for his funeral.Arc Villain : Capitaine Philippe Rose, Napoleon's subordinate (and leader of the Raiders faction) who he has no illusions about being a Psycho Party Member, with Napoleon being a Greater-Scope Villain.When Arno comes to assassinate La Touche, the latter"s Robespierre's notorious speech describing terror as "nothing but justice: prompt, severe and inflexible".Where Napoleon in the main-game is all charm towards Arno, here we see Napoleon among his subordinates."Ezio's Family" plays at the end of one mission, as Arno escapes the Cour des Miracles.He can take a lot of damage in sword fights, but even with a full health bar, a single shot from a rifle and pistol can One-Hit Kill him if it hits in the right place, similar to the combat in the Arkham games.Here, Arno briefly gets simple biology experiments for high school students the ultimate fighter season 16 episode 5 to use an Apple of Eden contained within the Head of Saint Denis, which drives men insane with swarms of bats, and promptly kills them.Bellec : Sends a powerful message.The Brotherhood Missions has him observe incidents such as the Women's March on Versailles, the downfall of Danton and Jacques Roux.