auto delete mail outlook 2007

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It is easy to miss these archive files when migrating to a new machine.POP3 is designed to delete mail on the server as soon as the user has downloaded.With this feature, you may not need to set MS Outlook to auto delete email messages.Words like prune or purge imply deletion, but not archive.Ill try some experiments slightly later if I archive a folder with File Archive, it does not delete old messages (good on the other hand this dialog is different because you specify the archive date so it is not a perfect test.This post shows you, How to Configure or add your Gmail to Outlook.
Most of the people have shifted to Gmail because of its features and services.
If you already added some other account to outlook 2007, It may ask to choose protocol to use, Choose Microsoft Exchange, POP3, imap, or http and Click on Next.Outgoing server can use 587, TLS encryption.Now you may see the Auto Account Setup take screenshot windows 10 Window, Outlook is smart enough to auto configure your Gmail but we may choose manual configuration to setup Gmail.Apply a label to the message.Pressing F1 did not yield anything helpful; but this article explains: Delete expired items (e-mail folders only).If you want to see star to a mail on Gmail, you can apply Flag to that mail in outlook.Technorati tags: outlook 2007, autoarchive, email, microsoft Related posts: Why Outlook 2007 is slow: Microsofts official answer Official performance patch for Outlook 20: still famously obscure Outlook 2007 is slow, RSS broken Slow Outlook 2007: the comments keep coming May 13th, 2008 Category: microsoft, software.However, you can follow the given below screenshot for outlook 2003.