bangla sangam mn font

Cochin Italic, cochin Bold, cochin Bold Italic Comic Sans MS Comic Sans MS Bold Copperplate Light Copperplate Copperplate Bold Corsiva Hebrew Corsiva Hebrew Bold Courier Courier Oblique Courier Bold Courier Bold Oblique Courier New Courier New Italic Courier New Bold Courier New Bold Italic Damascus.
In particular, note that I haven't yet made a list of fonts that support Latin, Greek and Cyrillic (mainly because there are so many of them and partly because I'm wondering how useful it will.) The text used is as much as would fit.
Arial Rounded MT Bold, arial Unicode MS, ayuthaya.
Kai Simplified, sTKaiti Simplified, fangSong Simplified, sTFangsong Simplified.ArialHebrew (Arial Hebrew arialHebrew-Bold (Arial Hebrew arialRoundedMTBold (Arial Rounded MT Bold).For application developers, it is considered poor practice to reference fonts bundled in the OS by name, and they should instead reference fonts through the use of "get system font" or "get application font" APIs that select fonts based on language or script.BanglaSangamMN (Bangla Sangam MN banglaSangamMN-Bold (Bangla Sangam MN baskerville (Baskerville).Baskerville-Bold (Baskerville baskerville-BoldItalic (Baskerville baskerville-Italic (Baskerville cochin (Cochin).There shouldn't be any fonts listed here for a given script that aren't supplied with Windows7/8 or Mac Onow Leopard/Lion, but there are probably supplied fonts that are not yet listed here (typically these will be large fonts that cover multiple scripts).Chalkboard, chalkboard Bold, chalkduster, charcoal CY, cochin.American Typewriter Condensed Bold, andale Mono, apple Chancery.Cochin-Bold (Cochin cochin-BoldItalic (Cochin cochin-Italic (Cochin courier (Courier).
STHeitiJ-Medium (Heiti J sTHeitiK-Light (Heiti K) STHeitiK-Medium (Heiti K) STHeitiSC-Light (Heiti SC) STHeitiSC-Medium (Heiti SC) STHeitiTC-Light (Heiti TC) STHeitiTC-Medium (Heiti TC) Helvetica (Helvetica) Helvetica-Bold (Helvetica) Helvetica-BoldOblique (Helvetica) Helvetica-Oblique (Helvetica) HelveticaNeue (Helvetica Neue) HelveticaNeue-Bold (Helvetica Neue) HiraKakuProN-W3 (Hiragino Kaku Gothic ProN) HiraKakuProN-W6 (Hiragino Kaku Gothic ProN).Available formats, file name, font Format, version.American Typewriter, american Typewriter Bold, american Typewriter Condensed Light, american Typewriter Condensed.I'm making an assumption that someone who reads Tibetan will have the Tibetan font turned on, but for my articles that explain writing systems to people in English, such assumptions may not hold.You can obtain a character-based version of the text used by looking at the source text: look for the title attribute on the section heading.Character map, anyEuropean alphabetsLatinBasic LatinLatin-1 SupplementLatin Extended-ALatin Extended-BLatin Extended-CLatin Extended-DLatin Extended AdditionalAlphabetic Presentation FormsSmall Form VariantsHalfwidth and Fullwidth FormsCyrillicCyrillicCyrillic SupplementCyrillic Extended-ACyrillic Extended-BGreekGreekGreek SupplementAfrican ExtendedEthiopic SupplementOther african eastern scriptsArabicArabicArabic SupplementArabic Presentation Forms-AArabic Presentation scriptsUnified Canadian Aboriginal NagriTamilTeluguSouth east asianBalineseBugineseChamKayah LiKhmerKhmer SymbolsLaoMyanmarNew Tai LueRejangSundaneseTai LeThaiEast asian scriptsHan.For a convinient reference I quickly assembled this little poster from actual screenshots.Courier-Bold (Courier courier-BoldOblique (Courier courier-Oblique (Courier courierNewPS-BoldItalicMT (Courier New).