best budget deck yugioh september 2013

The top 5 Decks that Douchebags like to play - The Yugioh Hierarchy.
DevPro Duel - Blackwing vs Battlin' Boxer.
Best Yugioh 2013 Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls Tin Opening Ever!Edit: There is no double gorz.(Undefeated) Blackwings are back!Also watch out for the new archetypes in shadow spectres; they are getting a lot of support.Black words games for pc Whirlwind going back to three made the deck much more consistent.Top 5 Instant Win Conditions No one Uses.Source(s ml, anonymous 4 years ago 1, thumbs 5.18 patchcrack myegy up 0, thumbs down, comment).Karakuri OTK - Yugioh Deck Profile.Me and dan go over some of our favorite budget decks that we think will be very competitive this format for those of you who like to go to local tournaments/regionals when you can!
Duh sexy Constellar Deck Profile NEW September 2013 Format!DevPro Duel - Blackwing vs Constellar.1st Place OCG Plasma Lockdown Deck Profile (Edragons not even good).Videos (box openings, deck profiles, duel videos and more!).More below my eBay: m/theactioncomic wants: m/wantListPost, gaming Channel: m/TheActionComicGames, dN: TheActionComic, dan's DN: Nagano3193.Frog Monarch Deck Profile September 2013 (NEW format).Now for Gale, anyone?Best Answer: Constellar, firefists and evilswarm will still be extremely strong however I feel that hieratics are coming back especially with all the main traps that lockdown people nowadays (macro cosmos, d fissure) and compulsory, bottomless, torrential etc limited, as well as seal of convocation.Dan's YT: m/nagano3193, blog: m, subscribe!M copyright by kuvmamhlubhmoob page loading took:0.20913696 seconds.