best horror games 2012

As you explore the dilapidated asylum, its inhabitants (whose mouths are often sewn shut because holy Christ that's scary) will pop out when you least expect it and give chase until you can parkour away to safety.
A face not even a mother could love.
Crimson Butterfly updates the graphics a bit from the first game, skyscanner auckland to queenstown and its the most inviting in its difficulty, making sure theres an ever-present threat without getting too frustrating.
Home (Benjamin Rivers) Windows, paid, saying that Home is a unique game, might sound like a cliche, but, trust me, this is not the case.Push the sanity meter too far and you would lose the perspective, the screen or even your save file.Playing the role of Jennifer, the player has no choice but to figure out what happened to them.The first time I played it, I was feeling a lot of Doom 3 in this game, albeit in third person.In Silent Hill, nothing is quite right; everything seems artificial and you dont seem to be looking at the same world as anybody else within.System Shock 2 is a story of the machines we created becoming the monster thats out to destroy usthe very things we made to help make our lives easier will instead end them.The object has managed to escape from its containment facility, and it's on the loose.The game's platform has no merit on whether it's a 'game' or not, and the fact that you'll need a fresh pair of pants when you're done playing it is about the only thing that matters when you play.You play as Leon Kennedy, a special forces operative sent on a mission to rescue Ashley Graham, the Presidents daughter as well as an annoying brat who has been kidnapped by an evil cult.
Haunting Ground Fiona wakes up in a cage after a car accident and little memory of what happened before she woke up (this seems to be a recurring theme with horror games).
Its a Sanity Effect.
It took several elements of previous games mentioned and raised them to new level.But it's not all fun and games: the characters will die gruesome deaths if you can't navigate Until Dawn's horror movie logic, and it takes every opportunity to scare the shit out of you.PS2 2003 Here it is, my all time favorite horror game OF ALL time.Calling it an "abstract horror puzzler" as its developers seem to prefer, really doesn't do The 4th Wall justice.Tell that to anyone coming to the Ganado-infested village for the first time.Its story unfolds like a thrilling TV miniseries, right down to the episodic structure that bookends each plot twist and revelation.Developer, Remedy is as famous for action as storytelling, and that comes to bear here, as simple, fluid controls do away with the stilted awkwardness that's characteristic of this genre.