bully scholarship edition wii geography 4

Only a Flesh Wound : Said by the nerd Melvin O'Connor if you beat him.
Statuesque Stunner : With the exception of Eunice, all of the older schoolgirls are easy on the eyes and noticeably taller than most of the other students.
Drowning My Sorrows :.
They're mostly along the lines of "Leave him/her alone!" or "He's my friend!" Your Mom : Gary, you really shouldn't have said that.It's never specified who wins.Boss Dissonance : Easy Levels, Hard Bosses : Taking on the mooks of the various cliques isn't difficult, but their boss fights are always challenging and include a special gimmick of some sort.Apparently, early on in the game's development, Jimmy was going to have to break into the house.Drill Sergeant Nasty :.Tom of the Bullies is still in the Bullies clique because his friends are, but sort of wishes they weren't bullies.Crabblesnitch ignores the bullying that goes on, calling it " school spirit ".You'll still be a laughingstock, but at least you won't get busted for not wearing a helmet on a motor scooter.White Anglo-Saxon Protestant : Played up by the preps.Sibling Yin-Yang : The siamese sisters that work at the carnival Freak Show.But hit girls, little kids, adults, or prefects, and the game will immediately turn your wanted bar full red, meaning if a cop, prefect or teacher so much as touches you, you're busted immediately, do not pass.
Chances are the fire department only come when someone physically calls them considering how often you hear the fire alarm getting pulled (even one of the non-clique students says, "Oh boy!
"Sometimes you just gotta take the bull by the horns." Boring Insult : Don't call Gary boring.
Five-Token Band : Each clique includes one black kid, one bisexual kid, and excluding the Bullies, one girl.Hattrick garden during the questline about the Hattrick-Galloway feud, climbing the tree halo 1 pc cracked when you have to protect Edna's date with.The game is ostensibly set in the present (there is reference to the school banning MP3 players,.Wretched Hive : Bullworth Academy is the wretched hive of fictional video game schools.Boarding School of Horrors : Bullworth Academy, hands down.