cake mania 2 nds

Cake Mania appears to film one piece episode 555 be a game that graphically and conceptually targets a younger, more casual gamer.
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Cheats, Codes Walkthrough/Guide/FAQ - PS4.Also, the slower your customers are served, the less cash they'll hand over.With the money that you make, you can purchase additional equipment and upgrade the equipment that you already have.System: DS, review Rating Legend, dev: Digital Embryo.0 -.9 Avoid.0 -.4 Great, pub: Majesco Games.0 -.4 Poor.5 -.9 Must Buy.Cake Mania is the most recent example of this emerging genre.Jill decides to open her own bakery from her home in an attempt to raise enough money to buy her grandparents' bakery back before the MegaMart moves.Customers, as in real life, only have so much patience.Control, everything is done by touching except for turning the television station.Video games are now starting to get into the food preparation joy with several games that allow you to basically make food.But things start to get trickier in this game sooner than in most handheld titles.
Their orders become more elaborate, demanding, and harder to fill in the short period of time that you are given.
Also, there appears to only be one song (elevator music) in the game and it repeats endlessly throughout.
To bake the cake, you must touch the appropriate shape on the oven (four to choose from).GTA 5 Cheats, Codes Walkthrough/Guide/FAQ - PS4.Maybe Eidos books about marilyn monroe hopes, cake Mania's lowly price and casual branding will offset such faults.It was fairly successful and inspired Jill to attend culinary school so that she could work for her Grandpa.This results in the screen needing to pan left and right periodically.At best though, this is a game you'll only want to play for small chunks of time when you don't have access to the superior PC game.After all, with its busy visuals, oodles of charm, and a deceptively high difficulty level that quickly becomes addictive to beat, it's initially much more exciting than preparing for the weekly budget meeting.