call of duty 2 patch 1.3 multiplayer

The Call of Duty.3 patch is an all-inclusive installation, containing all of the previous updates from the.2 games4theworld sims 4 spa day patch and the.01 patch.
This patch weighs in at 37MB, and contains all the fixes from the previous patches.Once killed, the Vector will not be dropped, but instead disappear.Mp_harbor map changes: -Reduced overall game crazy doctor mod fog density -Fixed missing water texture -Fixed player not being able to shoot through lower portion of the first gap in a railing found on east side of map.It is strongly recommended that all COD2 players update to this patch, as it contains a range of fixes for multiplayer.It has the longest three-shot kill range of any submachine gun, and is only beat out in long range damage by the mtar-X, although the Vector CRB has arguably less recoil at long distances.Mp_rhine map changes: -Fixed player getting on top of broken wall and seeing through second story of bombed out building.
It was also seen in early trailers.
Call of Duty: Ghosts Edit It has an unusable flashlight above the barrel.Iron sights Vector's folding stock being unfolded.Note that as of the.2 Patch, support was added for.The game definitely has enough atmosphere and charm to encourage new and experience modders alike to create new maps and modifications for the game.The recoil is relatively manageable and dependably controllable at close ranges.Just Like Old Times it is, soap 's secondary with, aCOG Scope and.The Silencer can also be effective since the player would not lose much power even episoade cei cu andy if a silencer is used as it will almost always kill in five shots without Stopping Power, or four shots with.FileShack or, filePlanet for new patches and download them from there.