call to undefined function mhash_keygen_s2k()

(Pierre) Added support for ACL (is_writable, is_readable, reports now correct results) on Windows.
(Adam) Fixed pacman 2 the new adventures game bug #51263 (imagettftext and rotated text uses wrong baseline) (cschneid at cschneid dot com, Takeshi Abe) Fixed bug #51237 (milter sapi crash on startup).Zend_stack and zend_ptr_stack allocation is delayed until actual usage.(Kalle) Implemented FR #52173, added functions pcntl_get_last_error and pcntl_strerror.(Derick) Fixed bug #46887 (Invalid calls to php_error_docref.(Pierre) Fixed possible crash in mssql_fetch_batch.(Dmitry) Fixed bug #36224 (date(date_atom) gives wrong results).Version.4.20 Core: Fixed bug #60598 (cli/apache sapi segfault on objects manipulation).
(Henrique) Fixed error message in openssl_seal.Fixed bug #67827 (broken detection of system crypt sha256/sha512 support).(Stas, Dmitry) Fixed bug #30702 (cannot initialize class variable from class constant).(Jani) Fixed bug #48202 (Out of Memory error message when passing invalid file path) (Pierre) Fixed bug #48156 (Added support for lcov.7).(Arnaud) Fixed bug #42604 make test" fails with (Jani) Fixed bug #42473 (ob_start php output and headers).Fixed bug #67635 (php links to systemd libraries without using pkg-config).(CVE ) Found by Mateusz Kocielski, Marek Kroemeke and Filip Palian.(Pierre) crack office 2013 preview Fixed bug #36176 (PDO_pgsql - PDO:exec does train times uk live app not return number of rows affected by the operation).Data) Fixed bug #61650 (ini parser crashes when using xxxx ini variables (without apache2) Fixed bug #61605 (header_remove does not remove all headers) Fixed bug #54547 (wrong equality of string numbers) Fixed bug #54197 (path sections incompatibility with user_lename set to null) Changed php.(Dmitry) Fixed bug #43128 (Very long class name causes segfault).