cisco network assistant 4.0

Clicking a feature on the Feature bar that shows a signpost icon, as shown in Figure 13-24, takes you to Guide mode.
You decide which marker you want to trust and what default CoS value to assign a packet if it contains no marker.
This displays the front panel of the device.
Wizards CNA also offers a number of wizards to help with configuration and management.Discovery When CNA starts, you enter the IP address of one of your devices (as shown in Figure 13-26 and, using CDP, CNA will discover all the Cisco devices in your network.Secure addresses are MAC addresses that are forwarded to only one port per vlan.Information includes: Inventory Gives a listing of devices in your community, along with device type, serial number, MAC address, IP address, and IOS version.Cisco Network Assistant (CNA) is a tool that can help.Cisco's network management flagship is CiscoWorks.Figure 13-26: Enter the IP address of one of your devices to start the discovery process Once CNA has discovered all the devices on your network, you can sort through them to place them into the community or communities you desire.CNA.0 is a PC-based network management application for smalland qvod player mac os x mediumsized organizations with networks of up to 250 users.Smaller companies may not have the budget or the necessity for such a robust set of tools like CiscoWorks.
Planning While CNA is rather user-friendly, it is not without its limitations and rules for developing your own communities.For example, if you have 20 devices and they all have the same password, you will only have to enter the password once.The Topology view is the default view.You can trace on a layer-2 or layer-3 route.Table 13-3 details the maximum number of specific devices allowed within each community.