compute probability with mean and standard deviation calculator

"How many pairs of shoes do you own?" "What color are your eyes?" "Which brand of soft drink do you prefer?" "What is the circumference of that tree?" "What is your GPA?" "Are you planning to vote this year?".
What is your conclusion?
Enter 122,9999,100,15) and press enter to get the answer.0712.Stem-and-Leaf Display Stem unit.Since the IQs are NOT Standard Normal Distribution, the syntax is normalcdf(smaller value, larger value, ).Enter 112,122,100,15) and press enter to get the answer.1406.Suppose hp pavilion g4 bios update inspections are made at 10 randomly selected times.Over n trials, the variance of the number of successes/failures is measured by The standard deviation is just the square root.Enter.25) and press enter to get the answer.67.(Section.2) Normal probability plots (a) Based on the shape of the boxplot and histogram, the data looks non-normal.Based on the empirical rule, what is the standard deviation of this sample of data?Go to answer Consider the following sample of data.
Find the probability that a randomly selected IQ is at least 122.What's the probability that less than 10 claims are fraudulent?Find the probability that the average dividend of 25 such stocks will exceed 10 percent.The syntax is invNorm( area to left of desired z).Mean n x p, mean 450 x 1/6, mean.What is the probability that all patients will not recover?Go to answer, seventy percent of small businesses experience cash flow problems during their first year of operation.What is the probability that more than 80 of the sample have experienced cash flow problems?What are the range and interquartile range?