convert excel date to datetime c#

CellsrowIndex, colDate; mberFormat "MM-dd-yyyy string sdate cellDate.
The first cell in my worksheet is " (which means October 1st, 2009).My code is like.C# excel office-interop up vote 139 down vote accepted, you crime petrol dastak 2012 full episode need to convert the date format from OLE Automation to format by using omOADate.Please help me solve this issue.Worksheets0; dt 0, wCount, lumnCount, true DataTable dtCloned one ArrayList myAL new ArrayList foreach (DataColumn column cyberlink director suite 11 keygen in lumns) if (column.Cells.LoadOptions loadOptions new V Workbook workbook new Workbook(fstream, loadOptions Worksheet worksheet workbook.Here is the link for the thread C# not reading excel date from spreadsheet Your Answer draft saved draft discarded Sign up or log in Sign up using Google Sign up using Facebook Sign up using Email and Password Post as a guest Name Email.CellsrowIndex, colDate; /rowIndex is the current row, colDate is the date column index mberFormat "dd-MM-yyyy dynamic date lue2; DateTime dt omOADate(date The result is: dt January 10th 2009 (instead of October 1st).
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Double d rse(b DateTime conv omOADate(d up vote 4 down vote, reading Datetime value From Excel sheet : Try this will be work.
It simply takes text from the cell as input and gives DateTime as output.Text; DateTime dt rseExact(sdate, "MM-dd-yyyy variantCulture This one failed because sdate value was somehow.The rules of figuring out leap years are every year divisible by 4 except years divisible by 100 unless it is also divisible by 400.Dates are off by two because of the difference in calendar stated in Todd McDermid's blog post, but also because the Excel calendar assigned a leap day to the year 1900.Cells4, 3 as String double date rse(sDate var dateTime String mmmm dd, yyyy up vote 0 down vote, or you can simply use OleDbDataAdapter to get data from Excel up vote 0 down vote, alternatively, if your cell is already a real date, just use.Value.