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3 Richard "Twice Nightly" Whiteley, Countdown 's original presenter.
50 19 December, December,959 Last series to be hosted by Richard Whiteley due to his death in June,112 First series to be hosted by Des Lynam 55 22 December,262 Champion of Champions XII aired from 29 May to 16 June and Last series.
44 26 December,042 3,000th show aired on 27 April.Presenters edit Calendar Countdown was presented by Richard Whiteley, with Cathy Hytner and Denise McFarland-Cruickshanks managing the vst plugins for audacity numbers and letters rounds respectively.In popular culture edit The letters of the infamous round during a 1991 episode in which both contestants declared the word wankers.Retrieved "Countdown (Series 32, Episode.The Guardian on Conor TraversRetrieved ily Mail on Tanmay DixitRetrieved m on Tanmay DixitRetrieved Archived t the Wayback Machine.When the Teatime Teaser was first introduced, the anagrams were seven letters long; they were later extended to eight, and then to nine in late 2016.a regular prank feature on the light entertainment show Noel's House Party.The two players were 2006 winner Conor Travers and 2002 winner Chris Wills.Retrieved b c "Countdown (Series 33, Episode.These guests have included Nigel Rees, Jo Brand, Martin Jarvis, Richard Digance, Geoffrey Durham, Ken Bruce, Magnus Magnusson, Pam Ayres, Paul Zenon and John Sergeant, and, most regularly, Gyles Brandreth, providing poems, anecdotes, puzzles and magic tricks.The change to the present format was made on, charles taze russell books three weeks into the second section of Series 68, to comply with Channel 4's decision to increase the amount of adverts and alter the times when they occur during the programme, therefore reducing Countdown's actual show.
26 From 34 million viewers had watched the show daily in its previous 4:15 pm slot.
Retrieved b c "Countdown (Series 21, Episode.Assorted allusions edit The Doctor Who episode " Bad Wolf " (2005) mentions a futuristic version of Countdown, in which the goal is to stop a bomb from exploding in 30 seconds.It was abbreviated, for example the letters were chosen all in one go as "x vowels and y consonants".Archived from the original on The Countdown Page on lexicographers.The first time it was referred to was when "Dev" ( Coronation Street ) made a sound like the countdown end of thirty seconds time.The first two rounds, like the British version, had each contestant taking turns picking nine letter tiles and attempting to form one word in 30 seconds.Retrieved b c "Countdown (Series 30, Episode.The timeslot was filled with the UK version of Countdown.