dragon age inquisition patch 2 hotfix

Dragon Age: Inquisition, we rejoiced the return.
Actually putting Tactics back in to the game would be nice, too, but I don't know how feasible that.also letting 360 players actually install the play disc should've been a given, but clearly they let the tea boy and cleaners work on that version.
Banned Posts: 2637 Joined: God I hope the patch addresses the really long load times.I still haven't really gotten into the game because of issues with performance/controls, so this is sorely needed for.When PC gamers were first offered a glimpse.Pulitzer Laureate Posts: 857 Joined: Fdzzaigl: Good.Yeah they're not good, and tac-cam is worthless, but the controller input is still pretty decent.Though I understand call recorder keygen n8 that with such an expansive game it might be challenging to iron out all the bugs, tamil letters in keyboard this really shouldn't happen.Premium Member, posts: 878, joined:, that's cool and all, but if the 8 skill slot limit and the lobotomized companion tactics stays in, it's still going to be rubbish.
C:Program Files(x86)Origin GamesDragon Age Inquisition_Installer (or your game installation folder if on a different drive or in a different location) file - installerdata.
And also that the tactics system is too simple to really ever need tactical view.I don't think it diminishes the actual game that much, but the playing thereof is a little less than satisfactory is the result.Banned Posts: 613 Joined: Paperboy Posts: 16 Joined: mad825: Xcaliber: Glad that they're doing this.This gives us a more stable base upon which to work.Still usable, but its annoying to use because of the minor errors it has (like with this tactical view thing on DA:I) A fix is something that is done to make something that does not tually work.This site contains user generated content or items belonging to or originating from third parties." Then again, Origins was such a cornucopia on glitches (plus the interface was shitty as hell) on consoles that I can't help but feel a little schadenfreude reading about the PC woes.When I realized that the tac cam was restricted by roofs (and thus nothing like the DA:O tactical view I was pretty shocked that anyone was claiming this was closer to DAO than DA2.They're like most devs at the moment, It's cooler to hate on PC than it is to cater to them.So why is XBox One not included, MS foot dragging, is my guess and the accountants have said we are now losing too much money and XBox One isn't important enough to delay all other platforms on it's own, at this moment, it's unlikely any.