elementary chinese reader 1 pdf

29, 30 Comprehension 27-8 Tasks for share windows 7 fax modem Week 3 Interpreting New words Four 31-32.
When you are on a Chinese text web page, you can either click on the title of the text to download the sound file of the lesson or you can click on the Chinese sentences and listen to the lesson sentence by sentence with the.
24, 25, 26 Comprehension 24 - T asks for Week 1 Two 27-28.
Practical Chinese Reader Texts Exercises with Sound Files.35 Comprehension 33-34 Tasks for Week 6 Interpreting New words Seven 37-38 LL Ex Comprehension 35-36 Tasks for Week 7 Eight 39-40 LL Ex Chinese script Comprehension 37-38, 39-40 T asks for Week 8 Trinity Term.18, 19 Dictation exercises Vacb test Tasks for Week 6 Speaking Seven 20-21.Click the links under lessons " to listen and read the texts.33, 34 Comprehension 31-32 Tasks for Week 5 Interpreting New words Six 35-36.Ex 9, 10, 11 Pinyin practice Comprehension Tasks for Week 3 Characters Four 12-14 Ex 12, 13, 14 Vacb test Tasks for Week 4 Speaking Five 15-17.16, 17 Vacb test Tasks for Week 5 Speaking Six 18-19.Ex 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, pinyin table, tasks for Week 1, characters.
You will need the hardcopies of the Practical Chinese Reader to follow the exercises under "Ex".
20, 21 Tasks for Week 7 Speaking Eight 22-23.
Michaemas Term, week, lessons, pronunciation lab work, listening.Ex ben 10 ultimate alien game setup 6, 7, 8, pinyin practice, comprehension, tasks for Week.Click here for the ktmatu, pCR vocabulary.31, 32 Comprehension 29-30 Tasks for Week 4 Interpreting New words Five 33-34.22, 23 Comprehension Tasks for Week 8 Speaking Hilary Term Week Lessons Pronunciation lab work Listening Q 20-30, 31-40 Grammar Speaking and other exercises One 24-26.Grammar, speaking and other exercises, one 1-5, pinyin.Students are expected to prepare all the following materials before their weekly classes.27, 28 Comprehension 25-6 Tasks for Week 2 Interpreting Three 29-30.Has been prepared for use with foreign learners in a course of elementary Chinese.Practical Chinese Reader Texts Exercises with Sound Files.