excel 2010 vba getopenfilename filter

FilterIndex 5 Filename tOpenFilename (FileFilter:Filt, FilterIndex:FilterIndex, Title Select a File to Import If Filename False Then MsgBox "No file was selected." Exit Sub End If int Filename.
First it will open a File Open Dialog box.
Feb 17th, 2009, 11:51 AM #5, re: VBA GetOpenFileName, originally Posted by, mike Blackman.
Declare Function th_apiGetSaveFileName Lib "comdlg32.dll" Alias "GetSaveFileNameA" (OFN As thopenfilename) As Boolean.Return Value : complete file name along with the path.Hope this helps; Code: th, hi, i dont want the activeworkbooks file path.False to allow only one file name to be selected.Thanks Feb 17th, 2009, 01:01 PM #6 Re: VBA GetOpenFileName It is 3ds max for windows 7 32 bit unclear just what you want.'MyPath "C:UsersRon de BruinTest" ' Change drive/directory to MyPath.
Xls" to ' "mma-separated-values-text" ' if you want to filter on xls and csv files, for example.
You can replace this line with your own code." ose SaveChanges:False End If Else MsgBox "We skipped this file : " Fname(N) " because it is already open." End If Next N With Application.ScreenUpdating True.EnableEvents True End With End If ' Change drive/directory back.GetOpenFilename fileFilter, FilterIndex, Title, resident evil 5 pc save game ButtonText, MultiSelect ) where expression : A variable that represents an Application object.Instead i want a dialog box for the user to select a folder and i want the file path for that folder.MyPath faultFilePath ' You can also use a fixed path.thAddFilterItem strFilter strDescription vbNullChar varItem vbNullChar End Function Private Function TrimNull(ByVal strItem As String) As String Dim intPos As Integer intPos InStr(strItem, vbNullChar) appsc group 2 reference books If intPos 0 Then TrimNull Left(strItem, intPos - 1) Else TrimNull strItem End If End Function.Feb 28th, 2014, 12:57 PM #8 Re: VBA GetOpenFileName the easy way to do it is: fpath dir(sFile1).Well its possible using the getopenfilename method.Output Filter:strFilter, FilterIndex:3, Flags:lngFlags, DialogTitle File Browser int Hex(lngFlags) End Function Function GetOpenFile(Optional varDirectory As Variant, Optional varTitleForDialog As Variant) As Variant Dim strFilter As String Dim lngFlags As Long Dim varFileName As Variant lngFlags thOFN_filemustexist Or thOFN_hidereadonly Or thOFN_nochangedir If IsMissing(varDirectory) Then varDirectory ".Please note, actual file is not opened.In real applications, you would use the filename to do something more meaningful.