expand collapse table rows in html

In ToggleItem, from the drop-down box, select the name of a text box to which to add the toggle image.
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In the appropriate group pane, click lotr battle for middle earth 2 cd key fixer the name of the row group or column group for which you want to hide the associated rows or columns.Clicking either of these will cause setVisible to be called with a value of either true or false.To test the toggle, run teenage mutant ninja turtles 2012 episode 4 the report and click the text box with the toggle image.Morbi sed gravida elit.In our html we use ng-click to set up our click event handler for our "Show All" and "Hide All" buttons.Step 1 : table, nothing to say is the most logical solution, because it is the one bootstrap offers us a simple table.Make a table where each row is clickable to show a hidden sub-content (left side) and / or to navigate with clickable buttons (right).In report design view, on the Insert tab, click Table or Matrix and point to Table Wizard or Matrix Wizard.This effectively will hide a list item.Maecenas et semper lorem.
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In When the report is initially run, choose one of the following options to set the visibility of this report item the first time you run a report: Select Show to display the report item.On the Choose the layout page of the wizard, select the Expand/collapse groups check box.I have successfully created a function to toggle the individual rows of my ng-table to open and close using: ggle function owMe!owMe; and tr ng-repeat"row in data" td align"left" p ng-click"scription /p div ng-show"owMe" See the plunkr for more code, note the expand/collapse buttons are.div class"row-fluid" data-toggle"collapse" data-target collapseTwo" div class"span1" 1 /div div div div /div div id"collapseTwo" class"row-fluid collapse in" div class"span1" /div div class"span9" Details 1 br/ Details 2 br/ Details 3 br/ /div /div Step 3 : div collapse buttons (same solution collapse table buttons).Problem: table style is lost.Solution: you must prevent the expand/collapse from triggering when a button is clicked.