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Start: 10am Dalston Coop, finish: Cornerstone Cafe, Carlisle approx 12pm.
Free banana and water to all who take part kindly donated by the Coop.While setup game farm frenzy best known for coffee, Fair Trade Certified has grown to encompass many products, from tea to chocolate to body care to wine.Places of national scenic, historic, environmental and/or cultural importance should be included.Making Your Purchase Matter.The 6-day walk links Fairtrade Towns between Garstang (The Worlds first Fair Trade Town) and Keswick.The Fair Trade Way is a long-distance heritage trail on the three related local themes of fair trade, the British Atlantic slave trade and the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).Purchase your Fair Trade T-Shirt today.Actual and potential premises for Fair Trade refreshment should be included on the routes.The Fair Trade Certified label helps you make choices, with the confidence that your product is socially and environmentally sustainable.
It is estimated that between.5 and.5 billion people have little or no access to the most basic of human needs.Each time you purchase a fair trade product you help support families and causes all over the world.Refreshments available at the Cornerstone Cafe, Denton Holme, where the walk ends.The FTF and the World Fair Trade Organization work together as allied organizations to promote greater equity in international trade.About 4 miles, easy access along a good path which mostly runs along the River Caldew.No booking needed just turn.Fair Trade Way Wales.Other fair trade ways.True fair trade is about mutually beneficial relationships rooted in trust and respect spanning geographic and cultural boundaries.