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Still, the Lich King won't mind if your Death Knight is named 'Dandelion' The Curse of Monkey Island features a pirate known as Edward "Snugglecakes" Van Helgen.
Lampshaded in Sabrina: The Animated Series when the witches get captured by an army of humanoid mutant squirrels (aptly named the Killer Squirrels).
Gaius received the nickname "Bootsy or "Little Boots".
And when Jay fires it the first time, it takes out a wall, and the kickback is enough to throw him back several metres.Then again, it's better than what his mother calls him -Bare vst plugins for audacity Bottom) He's also a giant hybrid monster that combines the savagery of the Beast Kin and the firepower of the Armored Dragons, and probably the most badass monster of the series.The military's codeword for them: Mouse.Source: imdb, note : Wait 30 second when you play, please clear web cache on your browser and reload/refresh, update adobe flash player and java if video not playing.One of the titular genetically-engineered, fanged, clawed, fast-moving, intelligent, bloodthirsty, and very, very hungry creatures in the novel Ancestor by Scott Sigler is referred to in the narration as "Baby McButters." (She was born from an ordinary cow whom one of the human characters named.This may be an intentional double meaning (it ties in with his magic but the official spelling is the much more dignified "Mystogan".Not so funny when you consider the D'reg's Sacred Hospitality culture, where even hardened mass murderer would follow it to the letter.Variation: Lackadaisy features the "Sunshine Special a perfectly cheery name for a train, but that's hardly reassuring to Rocky when he's nailed to its tracks.The Icecrown Citadel raid has two monstrous undead constructs shaped like gigantic dogs, one named "Stinky" and the other named "Precious." Precious has a chance to drop a cosmetic pink shirt called "Precious' Ribbon." Later on, there's a boss in a Cataclysm dungeon, a giant.
Live-Action TV Kittycat the lion from The Addams Family.Contents, did you know.What does young Sarah Jennings call the pair she made friends with?Was the mighty People-Eating Poly-Sorbate Insectoid: a "P.E.P.S.I." Snookums, in his original giant monster form would fit this trope as well, except that Snookums is harmless.Hope U all enjoyed watching this series : ).Neraeos: Good kraken, Fluffy.One of his heads is certain that they need a name, and finds human ones like "Bob" and "Tom" exotic and appealing.