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Episodio 275 - Un messaggio dal cuore Episodio 276 - L' invasione della statua demoniaca Episodio 277 - Segnale di avvicinamento Episodio 278 - I Ninja medici presi di mira Episodio 279 - La trappola dello Zetsu bianco Episodio 280 - L'estetica di un artista.
Sakura is able to release them from the genjutsu and they start to continue ahead.
" Naruto: Shippuden DVD Series Five title" (in Japanese).
Although her attacks are ineffective against him, Hinata continues fighting, in the process enduring mounting internal trauma from Neji's counterattacks.The following day, Hinata met with Shino and it was ultimately decided that Boruto would have to make up the time he missed with after-school classes.Episodio 162 - Il mondo conoscerà il dolore Episodio 163 - Esplosione!15 Although this enables Hinata to attack an opponent's internal organs, she can also use it in a supplementary function, such as by setting dislocated shoulders back in place."Naruto Shippuden Collection 17 (Eps 206-218) - DVD".50 They are rescued by one of the exam's proctors, who brings them to where all of the other examinees are being assembled.Episodio 297 - I sentimenti di un padre, l'amore di una madre Episodio 298 - Alla fine si incontrano!Toneri tries to make one final attack and Naruto and Hinata prepare to face him together, but Toneri is knocked into space by the statue.Archived from the original on August 8, 2014." Naruto: Shippuden DVD Series Three title" (in Japanese).Dokuhebi no ajito" (!) February 14, 2008 August 11, "Bonds" "Tsunagari" February 28, 2008 August 18, "Something Important." "Taisetsu na mono" March 6, 2008 August 25, "The Picture Book's Story" "Ehon ga kataru sutri" March 13, 2008 September 1, "Reunion" "Saikai" March 20, 2008 September.
Naruto saves him and Toneri gives up, allowing Hinata to tell him Hamura's true wishes: to protect the Earth, not to destroy.Because I love you " 21 (To herself) " Naruto I've always been chasing after you Even now But once this war ends, game feeding frenzy 3 indowebster I'm going to stop once and for all Because next time, I will be by your side, holding your hand walking with.48 During their search, Team 8 is ambushed by Team Kazami, though they are able to escape thanks to Shino's insect clone.Archived from the original on December 19, 2009.Very little of their exercise is seen, but Hinata does teach her students how to establish a campsite.They split up to explore the surrounding landscape, with Naruto spending more time with Hinata.20 But Naruto remains her primary motivation: it is in order to protect him that she fights Pain alone, in full knowledge that she will lose; 21 it is because the Allied Shinobi Forces ' aim to protect Naruto that she fights in the Fourth.Episodio 006, missione Compiuta, episodio 007, corri Kankuro!1 March 4, April 2, May 7, July 2, July 2, August 6, September 3, Kakashi: Shadow of the anbu Black Ops Volume Date Discs Episodes Ref.The Quest for the Fourth Hokage's Legacy - Part 2" "Daibken!