full house korean drama episode 8

She finds him sitting on a swing, somberly overlooking the rest of the estate.
In all honesty, he hasnt forgotten about her.
Aww, are you going to get Man-ok makeup?The next morning, Ji-eun is back at work file type manager 2.0.1 on her synopsis. .Thing is, theres a condition to the deal: reinstate Kang-hwi to the industry.She demands that he comes to see her immediately and hangs. .Through gritted teeth, he bites, Are you broadcasting that I use samples to the world?At Full House, Yung-jae sits autographing fan pictures. .
Se-ryung asks if this is how he really feels.
If you happened to be confused about the date on the photos (written as April) and found it strange, its that the show aimed for a broadcast earlier this year but unfortunately wasnt picked up until now.
No, he isnt interested in Se-ryung but the guest house is supposed to be his own personal space.She calls him and gets mad when he says hes busy and cant meet her that day or the next. .He says thats the issue for him. .She remarks that he doesnt even bat an eye when she does that, and he turns serious as he tells her thats not true.Back in the present she takes off the back cover and spots the picture of her lying next to Tae-ik and Kang-hwi.He loses his temper and yells that he is in fact scared because he hates to see people gossiping about her and doesnt want her to get hurt. .His hand still appears blurry to his eyes and he wonders if he should go back to the hospital.