game asterix and obelix encounter cleopatra

Retcon : Uderzo's cd hack for cs 1.6 steam solo stories have plenty of this.
Valuaddedtax also pulls some out of a cauldron in Asterix and the Goths.
The Goth chief asks what he's saying, and gets a Goth-icized version (the skull now has a spiked helmet, etc).Her sculptor demurs: "Oh well, you know what I think of modern art." This is a reference to the permanent profiles in Ancient Egyptian art.Asterix explained with a wall of text: Caesar, Pompeius and Crassus once ruled in the First Triumvirate, until the death of Crassus.counting on the reader to know the now-familiar backstory.Obelix enthusiastically comments that they must bring this wonderful game back to Gaul.Art Evolution : Notably, Asterix and Obelix both started off quite crude and lumpy-looking but got binomial probability distribution examples and answers more rounded, cuter features.On page 30, Cleopatra says that she is tired of having her portrait done in profile and wants to be portrayed in three-quarter face.
Canis Latinicus : Most of the Roman characters' names.
Tsundere : Cleopatra acts like one towards Caesar.One of the Norsemen's Gaulish slaves has learned to speak Norse, but with a heavy accent: his å's have squares instead of circles and his ø's have the diagonal line go the wrong way.Getafix responds " C'est un alexandrin ".But for Obelix, life without Romans to take down seems a horrible idea.Almost definitely unintentional is that the shoes worn by the Gauls would be more at home in the 11th Century.Plus, even in case of a shortage, they have Obelix, who doesn't need to drink any potion since he fell in it during his childhood, and the effect never wore off.Chameleon Camouflage : Caesar's spy in the animated version of Asterix and Cleopatra.Funny Background Event : Frequently.