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Directx lego Racers visual basic 6.0 collection add 2 requires the installation of DirectX(R).0a.
Explore each world at blistering speed as you search forthe coveted Golde Bricks.
CD-ROM 12X or Greater CD-ROM / DVD Drive.Publisher : lego Media, developer : Attention to Detail (ATD genre : Racing.If youve ever wondered what that might look like, you can see it in Lego Racers 2, a racing game aimed at children but suitable for adults looking for some zany, Super Mario Kart-like action.This game combinesracing action with story-based fun that takes players from world toworld as they encounter a colorful cast of racing opponents and worldbosses.Release date : Sep 9, 2001, imagine spending many hours constructing an intricate vehicle out of tiny Lego blocks.Hard drive space 200MB / 450MB Free and uncompressed.
Direct Download Link 1: lego Racers o, or Direct Download Link 2: lego Racers.
Directx lego Racers 2 requires the installation of DirectX(R).0a, download Links m/file/N4ZGh2C m/file/bcdavyz, processor Pentium may we be forgiven epub II 266MHz, memory 64MB System RAM.
Ratings, gameplay 7, graphics 7, sound.5, difficulty, medium, concept.Multiplayer 5, overall 7, gameplay Screenshots, description, taken from the game case:Youâve built your car.You can design your own racer out of Legos, but dont be upset when it disintegrates after ramming into a wall or plummeting down a cliff.Over-the-top power-ups such as rocket bombs and homing missiles are plentiful, adding to the plastic carnage.So grit your teeth and go!So get ready for the ride of your life!*Visit 5 new lego worlds, including mars, the Arctic and Dino island.*Race across 24 tracks, and on a boss driver in each world.*Build with new improved car and charachter constructionfeatures.*Find the hidden bonus games.*Play against your friends.*Smash.But dont lose to many bricks from your car.Race your block-vehicle across landscapes that would look at home in LegoLand, including a jungle and the surface of Mars.Among the features improved over the previous version of legoracers are improved detail in crashes-now you can see each part of a caras it explodes on impact-and the environment's greater responsiveness.System Requirements, processor Pentium II 266MHz, memory 64MB System RAM.