greatsword vs falchion 3.5

Spoiler Show You don't hit with every roll of the dice, no matter what your bonus is so to use 10 and 15 is a mathematically impossible comparison.
To answer the OP's question, the answer is yes, both are good.
Their prone on the ground.I've either never seen it, or can't remember.I've always had to get it on special order.What book is the ninja-to in?Even when you can't crit the damage difference between the two is tiny so you're never shut down.The drawback is at low levels when you're about 1 point of damage behind.Reply With", 11:52 PM - Top - End - #8 Re: Falchion or Greatsword?Our misses our excluded from this case so we remove the "X" miss cases from the equation and result in the crit chance for Greatsword being 2 21-Required To Hit and the Falcion being 3 21-Required To Hit In addition to this you also have.My group has never played with crit confirmation, which really changes things.I find it easier to get the number of hits (counting a crit from a x2 weapon as 2 rather than 1).Edit: this is of course not factoring in bonuses and such.
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Magical / Psionic Weapon Enhancements Bonus Value Additional Cost1 Hardness Increase2 Additional hp2 1 2,000 gp 2 10 2 8,000 gp,000 gp,000 gp,000 gp,000 gp,000 gp,000 gp,000 gp,000 gp or more bonus squared 20,000 gp enhancement bonus 2 enhancement bonus 10 Increase total cost for.
I just worded my statement with poor diction.Take whatever you think looks best on your character.Reply With", 11:19 PM, top, end - #2, re: Falchion or Greatsword?(90 x 6) (10 x 12) 660 Damage Falchion: 15 hits out of 100 are crits, or 15 (85 x 4) (15 x 8) 460 Damage.Falchion hit's once more on 18, 19, and 20 for 3 extra sets of damage, while the scythe does 3 extra damage, but only.If you have the choice between an attack that deals 15-21 damage and one that deals 15-25 damage, and are fighting creatures with 30 HP, you'll want the one that has the higher chance of doubling to kill in one hit, since they won't get.