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She is an extremely powerful solo character whose diving attack can destroy enemies easily.
If Homura is in mid-air, she will descend slowly while charging, but the complete national geographic on 6 dvd-roms - 2010 updated edition attack will be canceled if she lands before firing.
Hitting bombs with second swings knocks them upwards into the air.
Sayaka faces much less difficulty in later laps, due to having safe wallslam loops and a windows 8 pro rtm link great special for both mobility and defense.In her first phases she will float about the stage in random directions and let her minions attack you.The host will need a UDP port open.Single golf swings will knock bombs sideways.He respawns quickly after dying, and has unlimited lives.May miss close grounded enemies.As a melee, while she does have a few defensive options, her special is highly unsatisfactory for defense, and she has limited mobility and safe setups.She will never appear so close to the edge of the screen that you can't avoid.
If used in the air, holding left or right will throw the bomb farther.
Run the game from the installation folder, or create a desktop shortcut of the executable file.Paired with her low Soul Limit, she is nearly unplayable, even on low laps, whether solo or multiplayer.Is there a way to change the BGM?Only hits enemies and other destructible objects.They will also detonate if they are hit by other explosions, meaning that laying down a line of bombs (such as by using her Down Strong Attack repeatedly) can result in a chain of explosions traveling all the way back to her.She will only move after each attack where she will idle for a time before disappearing and reappearing again somewhere at random.The damage dealt is highly variable, but generally large.