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The interior of the TransFender garage visually resembles Joey Leone's Garage in Grand Theft Auto III.
Italicized pricing denotes prices at the Las Venturas TransFender, which charges 20 more except Colors, reflecting the penchant for the city's businesses to overcharge by 20, such as at Ammu-Nation stores and fast-food restaurants.
A modified, sunrise at a TransFender, illustrating a vehicle with a wider range of "body kit" parts.For a more detailed range of parts for each vehicle, see the vehicles' respectable pages.However, this could be a reference to 2004 being the year of release date for GTA San Andreas.Vehicle customization and Repair shop popular with people who buy a car, then want to make it look a different car.The prices are determined by the shopping.The "Off-Road Wheels" mod is the only modification that changes the performance of a car in GTA San Andreas, excluding "Nitrous" which is situational and "Bass Boost" which doesn't change speed, handling or braking capabilities.The bug is not present in subsequent versions of the game.Type Upgrade Cost Colors Car Color 1 (64 different colors) 150 Car Color 2 (64 different colors) 150 Hood Fury Scoop 150 ( 180 ) Champ Scoop 100 ( 120 ) Worx Scoop 250 ( 300 ) Race Scoop 220 ( 264 ) Vents Oval.The TransFender name is a play on the word transgender, as further evidenced by the slogan "body swap shop" (a transgender person might be seen as "swapping" their body for that of another gender, hence the moniker).
A rare glitch allows the player to control the car inside mod garages, including TransFender, which makes certain choices like choosing a color on the palette a little touchy.
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Cons: - None of the cons of this car.Although user-defined vehicle customizations are not possible in Grand Theft Auto IV, the TransFender name is featured again as minor mac os x 10.6 snow leopard version detailing on the Auto Limbo Pay 'n' Spray.Although it is possible to install fog lights on some cars, it is not possible for them to function.In the mission Fender Ketchup, it is possible to drive and customize the Feltzer in a TransFender and Johnny SIndacco can still be seen tied onto the hood.Here you can add this modification to your personal favorites.Add a photo to this gallery List The following lists a complete range of modifications available at TransFender.The "Exhaust" option is available for most road vehicles, but unavailable for the same vehicles deprived of body kit parts.I have an PlayStation 4, i have an Nintendo Wii, i have another console results all votes.