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The duo were promoted as The New Rockers, a throwback to zavia book in pdf the original Rockers team of Jannetty and Shawn Michaels.
Eventually, Jannetty left, and Sarven was reduced to jobbing for mid-carders.ECW Head to Head - June 7, 2006 Results".SW Publishing (112 2223.He also has two children.34 After Snow tricked Ryan into signing a contract for a match, 35 the two met on October 14 at rajasthan gk pdf in hindi Bound for Glory, where Snow wrestled only his second match for TNA, losing to Ryan, following interference from Matt Morgan.He got the idea to portray an individual with a schizophrenic disorder using the head as a prop for projection.On the February 20 edition of Impact Wrestling (also taped January 29) Snow would face Grado in a losing effort, after which he would then go on to shake Grado's hand turning face in the process.
References edit Mick Foley (2000).
Sarven developed a new character gimmick after reading about abnormal psychology and finding a mannequin head on the street near the ECW Arena during a Mummers Day parade."hrpw World Heavyweight Championship History".24 Ohio Valley Wrestling and second departure (20072008) edit Snow then returned with the company as a trainer at Ohio Valley Wrestling in 2007.He gained a reputation as "the best-kept secret in wrestling"."Lake Eerie" entry on imdb".