halo 2 game for xp

If it fails to launch, double check the revenge episode 7 season 3 info you entered in the shortcut's properties.
I haven't gotten there yet, but fingers crossed!
Click the 'Brwse' Button, and find the 'Halo 2' and double click on 'halo2.exe'.I encourage you to find and read the eula included on your Halo 2 DVD if you feel the need to, it is located in the 'eula' fonder on your Halo 2 DVD.Instead of starting at level 10, it starts at level.You can adjust the settings now if you want, but before you start the playing the there's just one last thing we need.Don't open it yet.Note: the t has to stay in the 'Halo 2 XP Patch folder' to work, more on that later.Now copy the.If it does not work for you, i encourage you to uninstall the game and try again: it took 2 trys for it to run on my new computer.Postscript: There were also questions about whether this violated the eula / copyright law.Back in the 'redists' folder, find and double click the file named 'vcredist'.
Dll and paste it into the Halo 2 folder too.
These 2 files need to be pasted into your system32 folder, located here: C:windowssystem32, if you get a pop-up asking if you want to replace existing files, say.
Close the 'Halo 2 XP Patch' folder, and you will find there's a shortcut for the 't' on your desktop.If i made mistakes or left something out, please point them out politely and i will fix them.If nothing happens, double check that the t has the directions to your Halo 2 folder.If the game launches and Windows Live asks for your CD key, which it should, enter.Registered users: acr250rider, bladeslide, boofs, Cat-256, cdps2, chickenwings247, classickirby, CompDude956, constantine11, CurbsidePharmacist, DarkTheThief, dexter2341, dreamcast459, elforastero, EllisVanSofa, erik1977, FlarePhoenix, furryfan60, HallowedTruth, JeXerym, knightsx26, Kozlovskiy, maddfrog, mountaindew117, mrblarblarg, mrpink999, mynamedoesntmatter, nictse, onipaige, Overfiend, pspfnruelzdude, psydefx, Randummy1, REM1970, Rocky5, sambora7800, codec for windows media player to play flv Sandi1987, seriouslycgi, Silverfrost208, Sir-Sabin, skullz613, Soulreaper268, submarinecaptain.