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Today I've learned that Bill Wealsey, the coolest man on the planet is in all actuality a 'bit stiff' and that Charlie Weasley, the easiest going man on the planet actually worries too much." Charlie stopped dead in his tracks.
You have the temerity to accuse me of contesting your categorisation simply because you think I'm bored?
I suggest you make a level 1 warning for someone doing it the first time (and it should be worded very nicely then level 2 and 3 warnings for those who continue to add it even after being warned.Potter, what did you see?" Amelia demanded.John Reaves 22:51, 17 December 2006 (UTC) I don't mind whats done with the border but bolding WP Harry Potter would look a bit off, especially since it already stands out by being bluelinked in comparison wiht the rest of the text.Is this the HP thought police?"Feeling better Harry?" Dumbledore asked.On a different project I see they add them in small type in a serial list just running across the page, block of type like a paragraph."No one is going to buy, or indeed make sense of, the Lexicon unless they have read the Harry Potter books.This article is especially important to me as I've worked it from a cluttered table, out of AfD, to what it looks like now.
The only downside is the number of markets it has yet to open in, which is one.Pull the other one.Think apple cider with a touch of pumpkin, or some liquefied pies. .Inspection would merely be common sense - the problem coming when people disagree over what should be included based on 'common sense' (some people really believe that Hermione is secretly Harry's sister, for example - the rest of us, on the other hand, read such.Fbv 65 e del / t / c 21:56, 29 December 2006 (UTC) Admins I've requested on the participants page that Admins add Admin next to their name so we know who can help with deletions, vandals, et cetera.Probably only the book and movie articles could get up there, but you can't feature an article if information is known to change soon.They moved from the drawing room to a dining room on the ground floor where they found spiders large as saucers pc small cricket games lurking in the dresser (Ron left the room hurriedly to make a cup of tea and did not return for an hour and.Unnamed Sirius's grandfather, who was awarded an Order of Merlin, first class.And concerning "a deficiency in one area of an article does not justify scrapping the rest of it Is this something that regularly happens in the HP articles?However, after those three films, there were not much positive to talk about.