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(Indian Standard Time) Status: As of 2008 Maveeran Hatim was airing on star Vijay (USA) 1 and starts from on star Vijay (Hong Kong).
Abruptly, Sunena's lover, Prince Vishal of Janakpur, comes disguised as a beggar, pleading with Hatim to help him fight Dajjal.
In addition, its ever-grown popularity led to its twice prime-time airing on the Disney Channel India.The questions are based on proverbs.He arrives at durgapur to ask the hand of Sunena, but she refuses.This article is about the 2003 TV series.Due to its success, the series has also dubbed.Twenty years passed, in Jaffar Dajjal deposes and kills his parents and becomes the lord of Jaffar.Najumi names the baby Dajjal and teaches him all about the dark as pdf bookmarklet ipad arts.Contents, the story is set in the Middle East around the Middle Ages.Hatim must solve seven questions, for which purpose he must set off on a journey.Their wedding arrangements are ready.
The emperor gives Hatim a magical sword.
The complete air history of this television series is given in the following table : Year Channel Timings Day December 2003 November 2004 star Plus 20:00 (Later : 20:30) IST Friday May 2005 - July 2005 star Plus 10:00 IST Weekdays May 2006 - July 2006 Disney.The king orders that the baby's heart be burned; his man Najumi, who secretly serves the evil spirits, burns the heart of a rabbit instead and shows it to the emperor, leaving the emperor believing that the baby is dead.2 (Details are given in the above table.) Cast and characters edit In 2004 edit The Indian Television Academy Awards Best Packaging Amrit Sagar Best action hero - Rahil Azam.2005 edit Best Children Programme Jyoti Sagar Amrit Sagar Best Art Direction - Mukesh Kalola.Tamil language to air on, sTAR Vijay channel and titled, maaveeran Hatim.Jeetendra 's films, hatim Tai.He creates a fire on the top tower of his palace that grants him dark powers.Hatim was one of the most watched television serial during its original run.Dajjal turns him into a stone statue and says to Sunana that he only can return her brother normal, but he will do so only if she is ready to marry him within seven months.In Yemen Hatim decides to marry Jasmin the princess of Paristan (Fairyland).Najumi explains him that to become the supreme lord of the world he is to capture the forces of good and he can do that by marrying the princess of durgapur Sunena, but she has to do it on her own will not by force.