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_ rpgguy Adventuring Hero Scholar posted January 06, 2012 04:40 PM Edited by rpgguy at 16:47, I installed patch.2 and this does not seem to work anymore together with your addon, any chance youll update yours to work correctly with.2?
(See Tutorial Video below if you dont know). .
I have restarted the sanctuary campaign and got the tidal staff.Download Link: zippyshare, i can kamen rider gaim episode 19 vst plugins for audacity ensure you - there IS NO viruses.I made it because for some people it's easier and you don't have to go and search for game folder, plus you get uninstaller.3.I can change stats, so if I remake offhands to main hand weapons (not all of them ofcourse I can also make it more Might useful.If you have any mod or something with name Data8.orc, please rename it, because this patch is using this name.I din't test it much, so not really sure what is wrong.I only equipped a magic DW on my hero weapon slot, and the rest went in my backpack.The Dungeon gameplay is completely original and tactically challenging.
_ Negativland Promising Adventuring Hero but I'm not posted November 20, 2011 07:15 PM Edited by Negativland at 19:24, Hey there, I've installed the patch and I want to ask if some things are working as intended.
The exe file just adds the Data8.orc file does nothing else right?
I hope it has not been much work for you bc you will probably have to repeat it as soon.2 comes around.If you ever make.2.1 version of this, could you please keep that in mind?Wondering for backup need._ assassin's creed rogue crack pc Negativland Promising Adventuring Hero but I'm not posted November 21, 2011 02:38 PM": It makes them as normal artifacts.But I think I forgot to take off flags: can't trade, can't sell.2, yes, I can't see what bonuses they bring except in battles, when I open my spell book or right click on units to see their passive bonuses.Edited by bigjocker at 11:43, Dynasty Weapons offline and in map editor (Patch to download).