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We are looking for people to create new 3D models and textures.
The Earth Force research tree is almost done and about half their ships have been cleaned.
I had originally intended to wait until I had everything back in and working but rebuilding EA took WAY longer than I expected, so I'm putting the mod in its current form up for you l.a. noire patch chip to download now in order to get some feedback.Despite the age of the Homeworld 2 engine we have recently been able to bring the graphics of this incredible game more or less graphically up to date through the Cnlpeppers amazing implementation of Parallax shader technology which has allowed the use of specular, gloss.Use it and then go into.The updated instructions are here: ml#svn The new URL for the SVN is: svn:t/p/b5wwe/code/trunk Sorry I didn't notice this sooner everyone.It transports the game into Babylon 5 setting, introducing new factions, units, technologies, resource and missions.Swnr was my first ever MOD and I started so I could learn 3D modelling and texturing.Link is right here: Version.1 (Installer i hope you enjoy it, with this new release out of the way I'm going to be looking into the Remaster, been itching to work on it for a while now, the Dev's over at Gearbox have done.Do you like Homeworld?
Those of you who remember the old Homeworld 1 MODding days may (or may not) remember my MOD Star Wars: New Rebellion.
Quick Hello and Update.Centauri Outpost (Work In Progress i've started work on the Centauri Outpost and have begun posting WIP pics on ModDb as.At least as far as HW2 is concerned.After much time and swearing and general yelling at the computer the AI and Research is working, not perfectly, but to be honest I'm tired of banging my head against the same rock.Apr 15 2014 News, i quick hello and a bit of info about what I'm working on at the moment.A Brand New Website!If you're interested in helping, or just learning to help or even just want to make a suggestion drop by the forums and say hello, we don't bite, well, tonv might, but only once or twice.So, let me say welcome to the brand new website for Babylon 5: War Without End!Once done, I'll finish the EA fleet which needs only the Cotten Tender, Psi-Corp Starfury and Victory Destroyer done.