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Kate McReary edit Katherine "Kate" McReary is the only daughter in the McReary family.
On the lcpd database, Vlad is listed as missing instead of deceased, because Niko and Roman disposed Vlad's body into the Humboldt River from a jetty.
Dwayne Forge edit Dwayne Forge is the former mentor of Playboy.
Gordon Sargent is voiced by David Conley.If the player kills Playboy X, Dwayne receives a deed and gives Niko the penthouse of his old protégé and he becomes Niko's friend.He tells him that neither he or Dimitri will survive in America without him, and that the greed of Liberty City takes over everyone.However, after Roman's death, Kate offers her condolences and support to Niko.Vlad is an alcoholic and a user of cocaine, for he is seen snorting a vial of cocaine on one occasion.Gerry McReary is voiced.J.Frankie Gallo is voiced by Alex Anthony.Important to know: If any Bugs please report!After Niko eliminates the bodies of Manny and his cameraman, he receives a call from Elizabeta saying that she's cutting off their relationship because the police are closing in on her.Vote with 5-Stars if you like the car.Editor is my most favourite img.
When Niko later learns that the assassinations he carried out for Brucie was due to Brucie's roid rage, Niko ends their business relationship, but they continue as friends and Niko continues to steal cars and participate in races for him.
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Playboy eventually pays Niko to work for Dwayne, mainly because he does not want to deal with Dwayne himself anymore.He chooses to let Phil live and sends Niko to kill Ray.Surprisingly, Mikhail reveals that he approves of Niko's actions, as he had always believed that Vlad was an idiot and his fate had been a long time coming.He later sets up another taxi company in Bohan with the insurance money and moves in with Mallorie, but is kidnapped again after a losing streak at a gambling den that is in actuality barbie as the princess and the pauper games an unsuccessful trap by Dimitri to lure Niko and have him.Niko initially becomes angry at his decision, but later admits that "it took every fiber of my being pulling in the same direction not to kill Darko and decides that killing Darko would not have changed anything and that allowing him to suffer.After this mission, Niko is extremely bitter and dumps her.In the "Deal" storyline, Roman is inadvertently killed at his wedding by an assassin sent by Dimitri, in an attempt on Niko's life.Dwayne lives at the Governor Greg Johnson Projects at Vespucci Circus in North Holland (which he would prefer to live in than Playboy X's penthouse, as it would only remind him of Playboy).Derrick seems to be the most compassionate of all the McReary children, as is shown with the way he tries to calm down the bank staff and customers during the heist.