issue tracking system project ppt

If the item is purchased locally then it is said to be local.
Staff grouped by specialty.
Requirement Specification Document: Introduction: Purpose: The purpose of this document is to describe the external requirement for the atomization of stock details.
Typically have part-time Project Manager Projectized Organization blend functional and projectized characteristics.The atomization will provide management to accept item details and quality.Receipts: This process is used to store the receipt details of the item, which is attested by the respective department.Each method has some advantages it offers and some problems that it may cause.Should be accompanied by a summary narrative that describes the diagram former german liverpool players approach Activity List Updates 91 Chapter 6 Project Time Management Activity Duration Estimating Involves assessing number of work periods needed to complete identified activities Requires consideration of elapsed time, calendars, weekends, and day.If the allocated material is more than sufficient, the respective departments will handover that extra material to Data Processing Department by a note.The respective department checks their work and the material needed for their work.The Issue Module contains the information about the item are issued by the department to various other department in the organization.This module contains the same fields as in the issue module they are as follow fields card code, item code, department code, work order number, document number, rate of the item, transaction date, quantity of the item to be issued, its value.This module contains the following fields as card code, item code, department code, work order number, document number, transaction date, rate of the item, quantity of the item to be issued, its value.The purchase of an item is indifferent modes.e., local abroad and indigenous.
So they would like to automate.After discussion with the staff the following decisions were taken regarding what the automated systems should do and what new environment will.Hindustan Shipyard Limited is an automation of issuing an item to different departments inside the organization, returning back the item to the stores if the department doesnt have any need with the item or if the stock is full, issuing the receipt to the department.Whenever the department needs any new item, system is developed using oracle.3 as backend and visual basic.0 as front end that helps us to create easier and flexible data entry.In general, system conversion should be accomplished as quickly as possible.If the material is available they will issue it otherwise they will place as an order.We have to first understand this problem and produce a requirement documents based on understanding the problem.MBO only works if management supports it 78 Chapter 6 Project Time Management Project Time Management Processes required to ensure timely completion of the project No consensus concerning differences between activities and tasks Activities seen as composed of tasks most common usage Other disciplines have.