jdownloads plugin for jce editor

Under essential set I mean a livros robson pinheiro pdf kit of extensions used to provide more or less typical site functionality.
All the same - audio, video, embedding Yuotube videos.
And in general, you can sometimes even wonder: if you need this beauty on the new site?
JDownloads and jComments.2.It requires a thorough setup though, otherwise it behaves like a smart aleck and provides results, interesting to itself, not.Of course as a result they will increase the average total visit time on the website (statistics because people have to watch all of the video, which take longer than reading.There are tons of things (for example, hints and tips) that can be explained clearly and easily in a short 3 minute video captured with your smartphone versus a 1500 words post.AllVideos plugin from JoomlaWorks.Description of the technology, as well as advantages and disadvantages of this method will be discussed in a separate article, or even in a couple.Extensions which offer simple video embedding options.Let me describe briefly, which ones were in my own set.5, and how difficult or easy it was to get the same or similar ones.5.If you have ever copied the embed code for a video, such as those provided by, and tried to paste it into your Joomla!After I customized it for my needs, it has become quite good.As the name implies, it uses the same engine.
I found its version compatible with.5, installed - it works, but regularly forwards a proposal to buy the paid version, and does it very obtrusively.
If you dont want to miss out the traffic from users we recommend that you pick a third party site such as, Vimeo etc to upload your videos.I don't want to use other editors.It is compatible with, joomSEF 4 (for Joomla.5).In Joomla.5 it was CKEditor - rather decent tool.Tried it in operation, and appreciated even more than CKEditor; besides it's absolutely free.If the template has been ordered and made for you - order the same, but for new Joomla.The first step is of course to upload your video to a video sharing site, and get the embed code that they supply to you.