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Output-Column Types Report Type (Required These output columns cannot be removed but can be ordered.
See Section System Settings.
These templates provide user access to packets via the area and the Packet menu item from the View menu.Require entry: Selecting this option will require that an approval process from the group be assigned to all documents of the document type.Q: Is the Digital Night Vision Goggle a 3rd Generation Product?Width (OCR) Defines the width of the OCR zone.Doesn't have a consecutive optical path!Rejection by First Member A rejection by the first member on the approval process will execute this trigger.
Queue Items: Work-Queue Items in a Catalog This trigger returns the total number of documents in the Work Queue matching the specified catalog.Use free entry when searching: If the previous option, Create drop-down from choices, is enabled, the drop-down will not be used when searching for documents.Only if zone value changes: If selected, the previous document-break function will occur only when a new value differs from the previous value.Document Version This column represents the current major and minor versions for a given document.A: The dnvg is basically designed for forced entry situations where typically short weapons are used.Rejecting an item will send it to the previous member or specified earlier member.Selecting the Allow Stemming checkbox will increase the chances excel 2010 vba getopenfilename filter of finding content when searching.Content-Query Requirements Query Type: This determines the type of query that will be performed.Does Not Use Field Entry Choices for Drop-Down list: Enter the field value that will execute this trigger.The Field to Populate may be defined in only one of two scenarios: Single Zone Creating a zone without a condition will cause every document captured to use this same zone when populating the selected field.