legend of zelda ocarina of time multiplayer rom

Legend of Zelda Four Swords Arena Edition Trailer.
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Spoiler Sensitive users unsubscribe now.A creative mod for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has just been released, bringing the co-operative four player dungeon solving experience to the Nintendo.The concept is amazing and the ROM hack looks incredibly fun to play too.Participate in our daily megathreads depending on how far you are into the game.The one underlying foundation of /r/Zelda.Warning spoilers are in these threads!
Featuring 3 synei system utilities 1.51 portable different dungeons based on the original outings of the Deku Tree, Dodongos Cavern and Ice Cave, this all new adventure can be played single player - but offers much more action with a couple friends helping you solve the puzzles simultaneously.
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