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A wiki can also be created for a classroom or a club, with an administrator who decides what pages are editable, and who can do the editing.
Adding Chesters stories to smartphones and tablets just makes good business sense.
There are 1 Million possibilities!This home page features my most booking calendar multi user recent news/blog entries.It was a long slog to get this.August 10th, 2016, this week the, chester Comix app finally hit the Google Play store for Android tablets and smartphones.The Next Epic Starts Here!Comix is like alchemy there is a magic to getting just the right balance of words and pictures in each panel and across a whole page.Author's Purpose, Comix Creation, comments Off on How the art changes when it goes mobile.Now kids and parents and teachers can download the reader app for free and find within it a bookshelf of expanded Chester adventures, for sale at a buck apiece.Pihuit Humbert (m) Débuter avec le mind mapping "Débuter avec le mind mapping est simple.Juste un petit anagramme cré pour me faire sourire.
If you think your art can be edited, that means it can be changed for the better.Build your own maze or print our specialty hand-drawn mazes created around holidays and classroom topics." Puzzles (sur la page outils) "Word clouds" : tagul - word cloud ART "Tagul is an online word cloud generator that enables you to create amazing and unique word.Most online video sites only let you upload single clips, but with Jumpcut you can edit your clips together to tell a story.After just a few months of daily Chester stories, it was clear that teachers and students and parents loved the history adventures.So I was intrigued to hear about.Inside the stories, Chester the Crab wanders everywhere.He had gallery shows and sold his original pieces.