minecraft plugin herobrine 1.2.5

Kizzycocoa 13:54, 25 November 2011 (UTC) look hee: NaNdummy 08:55, (UTC) Isn't this overkill?
If there is anything even vaguely Herobrine-like in minecraft, it's this mob.
He is even in Minecraft as the reason given for death, when killed by a dispenser.However, with update.6.6 on May 31st 2011 the changelog mentioned game contra 4 s60v3 removing the illusive feature altogether.By giving this guy so much popularity, we all are pressuring the development team to create him, and are all trying to agree that he is real or not, just arguing about his existence when we know he is not real ninjas kick butt 23:23.Also I don't think that Endermen replaced Herobrine so I agree with Yurisho.However, it should remain locked because it has all the information it needs.There is no such thing as Herobrine!You have terrible grammar, and from the fact that neither of you know how to sign your posts, I'm guessing your you're under thirteen.That is spam, ans should never have been left there.Kizzycocoa 19:11, 24 September 2011 (UTC) This was later found out to be a new mob called.Ivyn 00:45, (UTC) deny, deny,deny!In the creepypasta, the reader was implied to be comatose (or something) and Minecraft was his reminder that he needs to wake up, while the "end poem" seems to have a more existential overtone.
Herobrine does not exist without mods.
There are several Herobrine mods, including some fairly well-made ones using the Bukkit API.
Please sign your posts with I can verify it since I saw this death message at a pvp server I entered.22 2011, funnily enough, Mojang has actually been on the joke since Beta.4.Kizzycocoa 19:58, 17 November 2011 (UTC) How much is true?13:43, 25 November 2011 (UTC) yep.Edit: As a matter of fact, I've created Herobrine/editcopy for the exact purpose of public editing.If you took the time to look at the wiki's page on the human mod, you would not feel very smart right now.Permission Nodes : e, beHerobrine.Help: Shows all of the commands.I can see why you would, but, there's no harm in coming to the server, and staying a while, is there?And, Herobrine has of course now made it into the changelog, lending further weight to a purpose for this page.