mio digiwalker c310 v3 map update

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I posted this as soon as I saw I received.
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If you want to purchase additional regional maps check Mio's e-shop: Go to regional e-shop, single Map Update, if all you need is a single map update which includes an updated database of safety cameras just select the region you want to update from the.Pages - 1 2 3, mio 136 Series, mio C Series, mio Combo Series.Mio Cyclo Series, mio Destinator Series, mio F Series.Where can one be obtained, and for what price?Also, if I were to start on a trail, is there a way to record that path and then reverse it and have the unit navigate me back along the same path back out?THE unit does have pedestrian mode.Buy now from the Mio e-shop.MP3 Is the MP3 and navigation operable at the same time?136 - C - Combo - Cyclo - Destinator - F - GPS Car Kit.Lane changes Im unfamiliar with car navigation GPS software in general.NOT other connections ARE necessary.
Are there additional map packs available?Some of these answers Im going to need some clarification to, but I present them as asked / replied to without editing.I can infer this means yes, you have to unplug the cigarrete ligheter adapter from the unit every time however).THE software does SAY keep TO windows xp service pack 3 polish mui THE left OR keep TO THE right wheajor intersection with multiple road splits IS coming UP along THE driving route.Navigation could you please specify?THE CAR charger HAS AN USB connector that goes into THE device USB connector.YOU CAN then GO into THE route settings TO preview THE driving instructions list AND chose TO avoid certain roads OR road segments, therefore customizing your route AS desired.The free update includes the same map coverage and features as was originally on your device, and updated safety cameras as well.If software (the Mio branded.2 of IGo on this unit) has a different policy then the map software updates (since youre contracted with different companies for maps.Specifying a route How easy / possible is it to input your OWN route to a destination, and have the unit prompt you on your specified route?