mxkey setup 3.5 2.1

Rpl(cert) backup already exist (C:mobileEx3.5databackupBB5_ _cert.
Normal USB(Nokia Suite) and dead USB(Nokia USB ROM) flashing supported.
Fg XG223_V0 ALG version:.30.1 revision:.0 size: 0x32338 Supported Ids: 00000C, 00000C Update server code loaded.Waiting for USB device removal.OK Waiting for USB device arrival.OK Device connected: nmwcdnsucx64Nokia USB Flashing Generic, port_ID: 21EF30C3 FUR: Adding Asic CMT emulator ps 2 untuk windows 7 64 bit as client.HTI online services module updated to version.1.CMT public ID: cMT asic mode ID: 00, cMT root KEY hash: CMT ROM ID: F54C676, loading CMT secondary boot code, secondaryBoot: XG223_v11_usb2nd.Reading CMT partnerc (0x0 bytes).Fg XG223 version:.30.1 revision:.0 size: 0x59C0.
Phone type: RM-843 (Nokia 309) SW version:.
Programming completed.045 s Total time for flashing process(booterasewrite) was 1 min.985 s Waiting for USB device removal.OK Waiting for USB device arrival.OK Waiting for device boot.
Reading CMT variant (0x0 bytes).CMT sosrofs2 block sent Programming completed.886 s Processing PPM file: RM-754_fs3.fpsx BB5,XSR.6 size:.59 MB Supported Ids:, 400C, 600C, 600C, 600C, 600C Erase size:.25 MB CMT flash, MuxOnenand area 10B80000-112bffff Flash programming.Legacy RPL(imei, CCC,HWC, simlock) backup/restore supported added latest flash update v to setup minor bugfix, fIRE module updated to version.4 added: Nokia schematics and SM download menu.FUR: Adding Asic CMT as client.N801T Flashing Log first IN THE world with mxbox/HTI: Code: Using device: USB Phonet and HTI, FW ver:.50.Improved sync routine to avoid main exe failed to load if sync fails.Reading CMT NPC (0x190 bytes).CMT papubkeys hash: Storing certificate NPC, CCC, HWC, R D, MDM_keys, partnerc.OK Partitioning.