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20:45 BarkingFish And that's what I've needed to make me get my own act together.
Wikinews 19:52 AutisticPsycho Cuz Google Wave sucked?
19:40 diego I struggled with myself trying to write those articles, my English was (and maybe is still) very rusty by then 19:40 AutisticPsycho Why can we recruit from the Signpost?20:03 Mikemoral (I was supposed to be here from the start to host/moderate, but messed up the time) 20:03 graffiti school a student guide gopher65 20:03 gopher65 Here's the article we wrote before 20:04 gopher65 Just to give you an idea of how it ended up looking by the time.I feel WWR could work.18:38 brianmc-phone I qas discussing whether or not this channel, and discussion herein, might be productive less than 48hrs ago.I think I will have to shut the league of extraordinary gentlemen book down the whole chat to make the change.18:58 Amgine_ Mattise: How many articles have you had published?If he or she is in career mode, they will go to victory lane and pop the ceremonious bottle and pour it all on their team.Are increasingly being questioned as automatically right.Wikiproject Video Games) involved.19:46 brianmc-phone There's the apparent assumption you can spend an indeterminite tome fiddling towards acceptable; other people are relieved to get it zapped and start over having, hopefully, learned something.The contributors are falling, crack keygen autocad 2007 even though the work of writing articles and fixing them up is fun.
Much easier than learning to write a WP article.19:20 Mattise.think people would be attracted to the site.19:25 bawolff would like to see stats 21:45 gopher65 The great thing about Peer Review is that it filters out a lot of the crap.20:21 AutisticPsycho I feel it did.I admit that a positive of wikinews over WP is that you get to "own" the article."nascar The Game: 2011".From Mattise 18:35 bawolff phearson: he's using chatzilla 18:36 phearson thats strange 18:36 bawolff what is civility depends a lot on context 18:36 Mattise My view, which seems to be supported by few people, is that wiki projects are work places and work place civility.20:48 Nascar1996 Lets stay on topic, what all were you all discussing?20:22 BarkingFish I doubt they will, it's a WMF site, I don't honestly see that they'd have a problem with.