netapp security login public key create

If the user is a member of multiple groups provisioned in the security login table, then the user will get access to a combined list of the commands authorized for the individual groups.
Security login publickey modify, modify a public key, availability: This command is available to cluster and.
Cluster: security login create -username monitor -application ssh -authmethod publickey -profile admin.
If an Active Directory, ldap, or NIS group name is used, then the login method gives access to users belonging to the specified group.The following command illustrates how to create a login that has the user name monitor, the application http, the authentication method cert, and the access-control role admin for Vserver.comment text - Comment, specifies cabela's big game hunter 2011 torent the new comment text for the public key.The following command illustrates how to create a login that has the active directory group name adgroup in domain1, the application ssh, the authentication method domain, and the access-control role vsadmin for Vserver.Cluster: security login publickey show -username monitor.Part number: B0, june 2017.Parameters -vserver Vserver Name - Vserver, this specifies the Vserver name of the login method.
Cluster1: security login create -vserver vs -user-or-group-name monitor -application ontapi -authmethod password -role vsadmin.Data ontap provides several methods that you can use to specify how a user account is authenticated.The following command modifies the public key at index number 10 for the user named tsmith of Vserver vs1.Yes Warning: Permanently added (DSA) to the list of known hosts.Cluster1: security login create -vserver vs -user-or-group-name monitor -application ssh -authmethod nsswitch -role vsadmin Copyright NetApp, Inc.The maximum length is 128 characters.The -authmethod parameter of the security login commands specifies how a user account is authenticated.Cluster: security login publickey load-from-uri -username monitor -uri http bjacobs-lnx/id_rsa.authentication-method text - Authentication Method, this specifies the authentication method of the login method.