oil paint effect in pixel bender plugin for photoshop cs6

The key to using the norton utilities disk editor Oil Paint filter is carefully controlling each of the numerous sliders, which work together to vary the end results that can be dramatically different depending on the settings you use.
Even when I increase the Stylization and Cleanliness all the way up, if I add any Shine I get this unwanted pattern.I get a small commission from any sales resulting from a click from this site (at no extra cost to you.) I really do love these filters.The New Oil Paint Interface (right).Made a lot of headway, but the math and the size of the kernel is still a huge issue for.Drag the slider to the left, and beyond a value of around.98, youll start to introduce a somewhat greyscale stroke overlay, which can be great for more muted, natural painterly effects.Next, the Cleanliness slider determines how clean the brush strokes appear.Show us your results on the Facebook page and compare notes.Madderhatter, aug 22, 2015 4:51.Positioning the slider in the lower half will produce more subtle effects.Limiting the influence of the Pixel Bender around focal points can be particularly effective to make sure they are defined and stand out.
I'm also the founder of French Kiss Collections, a digital design resource specializing in Fine Art Textures.
Use a lower value to retain more original detail.
Once installed, youll find Pixel Bender within the Filter drop-down menu.Learn to Rock Your Textures!Stylization and Cleanliness 10, Shine.Stylization and Cleanliness at 10, Shine.The Shine setting will give more contrast to the filter, but it will also emphasize the pebbly or swirly texture.Lets face it, theres not often news of free products from Adobe, so as soon as we heard about the new Pixel Bender plug-in, which you can download and install for nothing, we just had to have a play with it!At high values the strokes are very fluid and a little surreal, while at low values they appear more as short dabs and impressionistic.