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I see no basis for your claim that the question equates training camps with terrorism, even implicitly; these are two separate accusations, as Arnett's "these" indicates.
A loaded question is one with a false, controversial, or question-begging presupposition.
One convenient and not fallacious way for him to do so is by pointing out the similarities between the activity of the criticizer (U.S.) and the activity about which he is being questioned.Jacket by Jennifer Hildebrandt - Honorable Mention The Immigrant Zhou by Timothy cat in the hat book Cannon Poetry Poem for a Friend Growing Lighter and Lighter by Abe Louise Young PDF -Winner of the 2017 Marica and Jan Vilcek Prize for Poetry, selected by Kazim Ali In Patient.This is an irrelevancy designed to distract the audience from the question at issue, that is, it is a Red Herring.To label symbian games for n72 one "terrorism" and not the other is, he is arguing, itself a fallacy.which refers back to the following two accusations in the preceding statement: "You are still funding military training camps here in Afghanistan for militant, Islamic fighters." "You're a sponsor of international terrorism.".A loaded question is one which traps you into conceding something no matter how you answer it, such as: "Have you stopped beating your husband?" For this reason, it is reasonable to reject such a question if one rejects the statement it is loaded with.Continue reading, explore the issue below, and order a copy through our online store or via Submittable.He could have denied both accusations, accepted one and denied the other, or accepted both.
That's logic." Source: Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass, Chapter.
Resource: Julian Baggini, "Tu Quoque", Bad Moves, 10/1/2004, analysis of the Example: A perfect example of the fallacy of Tu Quoque.Bin Laden could answer both questions without conceding anything.The US does not consider it a terrorist act to throw atomic bombs at nations thousands of miles away, when it would not be possible for those bombs to hit military troops only.As far as I know, that bin Laden had funded these camps is none of these; though if so, he missed a chance to set the record straight instead of dodging the question.The question does presume that bin Laden had funded such camps in the past, but not every question with a presupposition is a loaded one.