outlook 2010 keeps asking for password exchange 2007

This works on run ms office 2010 on ubuntu Outlook, 20 connected to Exchange 20 If it works on others please let me know.
Prior to the migration they had an unusual setup: Mdeamon server pushing mail to Exchange 2003 which in turn pushed mail to an Exchange 2010 server.How to get started with SharePoint Online Development.Hi, I'm in a college were I migrated their systems to Exchange 2010.I've done the following so far: - Validated certificat(issued from enterprise CA) - Tried deleting Outlook profile and recreate it - Set-OutlookProvider expr still, users are being prompted for password in Outlook for no reason.PC: Windows XP SP3 /w Office 2007/2010. We had an issue where some people kept getting requested their password when connecting to their Exchange server.
The Exchange 2010 was installed running man episode 178 on a DC which isn't the best thing.
Develop workflows using SharePoint Designer a free mini course.I just got handed this fix from another IT guy and it seems to have fixed the issue not only with my company but also with a few of a customers as well.Join 6,500 subscribers and receive instant access.For a reason we can't tiffany hv bt font find, people using Office 2007/2010 on Windows XP are keep being prompted for password. After spending the past few weeks researching and scratching our heads or ready to through the whole thing out the window, I have finally been given the most basic and simple fix to this issue. If you don't feel secure deleting a file, try turning off and on the cache mode for the account.I don't know why this works, but it does.Devendra's Library of Resources for SharePoint Developers.Enter your details to get access to more free resources.