patch fifa 08 summer edition

What could be wrong?
Please share the link of fifa 14 where you downloaded it to cruise ship tycoon full game help others.(2580) Îøèáêà â SQL çàïîñå!Ukrainian Premiere League.4.0 Full Edition for PES 2008.I updated the squads and confirmed in-game with playing kick-off t when I start Career mode, fifa 14 crashes at new career new season loading bar.Skyfail ml, i downloaded this fifa.Crashfifa, two versions of fifa (not including the one you sent) crashes the game, what do you say to blame?Full description of the patch and installation guide are available by this link.
LukasLT Skyfail, when you make a new Career (manager or player) there is a opinion.LukasLT btw i didn't get that last step.(default, edited,oficial) For me still not working.SQL çàïîñ: insert into fx_online(date_action, ip) values(now ) Îøèáêà: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near at line 1 Êîä îøèáêè: 1064, summer transfers patch released!If it doesn't help, try to install another version of fifa 14 - maybe in your version crack and some other patches were preliminary installed and built-in.