persona 4 the animation episode 22

This Yukiko is on a mission of her own, trying to find a prince who will whisk her away from a future she has no hope of escaping.
Time to Have Fun!
Episode 9 - No One Sees The Real.Not be outdone, Chie cooks up her own scheme.He is kidnapped soon after, and with no real windows xp for parallels information to go by, finding him in TV World is proving difficult.Yu's last day in Inaba may be his last day period, unless he can accept the truth.Episode 21 - DON'T save anyone anymore Edit Release date: March 1, 2012 Unbeknownst to the others, Yu has uncovered a letter proving that the TV world murderer is still on the loose.Join us as we look into a previously hidden world that only helpful Yu can possibly fall into, rife with prescient foxes, reincarnated professors, explosive fishing, and lovestruck nurses.Episode 23 - In Order to Find the Truth Edit Release date: March 15, 2012 Losing someone you love can be a heart-wrenching experience.Episode 8 - We've Lost Something Important Again.Edit, release date: December 1, 2011, while trying to escape the limelight, pop icon "Risette whose real name is Rise Kujikawa, steals away to the small town of Inaba.
Chie leads the charge to rescue her.
After going through such a terrible experience and miraculous outcome, the group continues its investigations, inching ever closer to the real truth.
With the investigation team now bringing all their clues together, it looks as if Rise might become a new piece of the puzzle.Edit, release date: November 24, 2011, time for some.Everyone's together and ready to party!Episode 2 - The Contractor's Key.Nanako is worried, so in true lil' sis fashion, dawns the Loveline persona to find out why!A beauty pageant (or two) is in order, but will the guys go through with what Chie's about to put them through?Episode 25 - We Can Change The World Edit Release date: March 29, 2012 With the real world and TV world on a collision course, Yu and Adachi summon their Persona for the final battle.Edit, release date: November 17, 2011, kanji 's gone missing, or is in hiding, according to Naoto.True End Episode - No One is Alone Edit Release date: August 22, 2012 Yu faces off against Margaret, after falling into an illusion of him and his friends having a celebration to mark their leader's last day in Inaba.Yu must summon all his courage, skills, patience and know how to defeat his latest foe: a clingy girl that just won't go away!